New to GFP?

Welcome! We’re excited to work with you. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions to help you get oriented to Girl Friday Productions and how we work.


What's an RP?

You! We call the freelancers we work with resource partners or RPs, and we're happy to be working with you.

Who assigns projects?

Our managing editor looks at our full project load and suggests resource partners based on our clients' schedule needs, project type, and RP interest and availability.

How will I hear about upcoming projects I'm suggested for?

A production editor will reach out to you with information about an upcoming project, including book title, author name, estimated word count (to be confirmed at kickoff), estimated schedule (to be confirmed at kickoff), and estimated fee (to be confirmed at kickoff), as well as any other useful information. Please respond to them. The PE will confirm in our system whether you'll take the project or not.

What are your rates?

Girl Friday Productions offers a flat fee per project based on word count, complexity, and client. A translated novel set in World War II Paris that will involve a more in-depth edit, foreign names and terms, and some fact-checking will pay a higher flat fee than a straightforward modern romance novel, for example. Nonfiction also gets a higher complexity rate due to topic and elements like notes and bibliographies. Your production editor will give you an estimated rate when checking your interest and availability for the project.

What's your standard turnaround time for a project?

It can vary between clients, word counts, and complexity, but we usually aim for about 13 business days for copyediting, 9 business days for proofreading, and 6 business days for cold reading. Your production editor will send you the projected schedule when first contacting you about an assignment.

What do I need to know about your process?

Details can vary from client to client, but two things remain the same across all Girl Friday projects.

  • We often request samples of your work. This will be roughly a 3,000-word sample, which we'll ask you to send to us early in the project. Production editors always review samples, and our copy chief and managing editor often do, too-especially your first few projects with Girl Friday. Your PE will email you any notes we have.
  • We ask copyeditors to clean up the manuscript after the author has reviewed the copyediting. This differs from many publishers, so be aware that the manuscript will come back to you. This usually takes just a few hours for a standard-size manuscript. If you're new to manuscript cleanup, please ask your PE for our best practice procedure if he or she doesn't send it to you.

Anything else I should know?

Yes: We like communication! We want you to get in touch with our Girl Friday staff members whenever you have a question, of course, but certainly any time you find something unusual in a project. The PE's time with a manuscript is limited before we send it off to you to edit, so we rely on you to contact us as soon as you find anything concerning in a manuscript-so please reach out if you're finding that a manuscript has a higher-than-usual number of continuity issues, if there's a big problem with the timeline, or if there's more fact-checking than you anticipated, for example. It's easier for us to help you troubleshoot and make a plan with our clients mid-project than it is to think that everything is going smoothly until you return the job. So please, please: Contact us! So . . .

Stay in Touch!

Do you have questions . . .

About the project you're currently working on?

Contact the production editor who sent you the project.

About editing in general?

Email them to (this goes to the managing editor and copy chief).

About workflow, process, or working with Girl Friday in general?

Contact Managing Editor Leah Jenness at

Do you . . .

Want to let someone know about your upcoming availability?

Contact Managing Editor Leah Jenness at

Want to refer a colleague to us for potential RP work?

Ask them to send a note about their interest and experience, as well as a current resume, to CHANGE TO LINK TO JOIN PAGE WHEN IT's LIVE

Want to submit an invoice or have billing questions?

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