Giving Back

Books Bring Us Together

It’s part of Girl Friday culture to give back to the communities around us, each volunteer effort an act that brings us so much more than we give. Our 2019 giving campaign centered around donating our time and services to create a book of stories and recipes for Refugee Women’s Alliance, a powerful Seattle-based nonprofit devoted to helping refugee women, children, and families.

Recipes for Refuge book photo
Nothing has felt as personal or connected as this project. Feeling powerless and horrified by the atrocities being inflicted upon refugees worldwide and at and within our own borders, this cookbook has allowed us to do something tangible.
— Kristin, GFP Exec. Director, Publishing Partnerships
Working with ReWA on Recipes for Refuge was such a unique and beautiful experience. The journey stories were empowering to read, the food photos were mouthwatering to look at, and it was a real treat to get a taste of these individuals’ cultures. I’m so glad Girl Friday was open to a project like this, and even more so that I was able to take part (as a daughter to two former refugees!).
— Tiffany, GFP production editor

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