Girl Friday Copyeditor and Proofreader Handbook


This proprietary document is for the sole use of GFP and its contractors. Please do not share, reproduce, or distribute without written permission from Ingrid Emerick or Leslie Miller of Girl Friday Productions.


Welcome to Girl Friday Productions. We place much trust in our resource partners and are pleased to be working with you. This handbook outlines key elements that the Girl Friday editorial team looks for in a successfully copyedited and proofread manuscript. Though this document covers many elements that should be taken care of during the copyediting stage of the editorial process, proofreaders will find it helpful to learn what we aim for during copyediting to ensure consistency and limit uncertainties throughout the book-production process.

When receiving a project, the copyeditor should first identify which Girl Friday publishing partner will be publishing the book, as different guidelines may apply. For example, in any cases of contradiction across style materials, if the project is an Amazon title, Amazon’s style guidelines trump the Girl Friday house guide (the document titled “Girl Friday Productions House Style Guidelines”) that we have provided you. For instance, Amazon does not use the four-dot ellipsis in any circumstances, only three dots, while non-Amazon titles do use the four-dot ellipsis for a complete sentence that trails off, like so. . . . Your Girl Friday production editor will call out which reference guide supersedes another.

It is essential that copyeditors and proofreaders regularly consult The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition, while editing. Although we do not expect freelancers to have memorized these references, we do need freelancers to consult them continually.


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