Interested in Joining Girl Friday?

We’re so flattered! We love new additions to our GFP family—our quality freelancers help us produce excellent books for our clients. Please see below for minimum qualifications and instructions on how to get involved.

Copyediting and Proofreading

There are many editors out there with good gut instincts and a passion for the profession. At GFP, our copyeditors and proofreaders must also have traditional publishing experience and extensive knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, and We ask that you send us your résumé, a brief cover letter that outlines your experience, and your title list. Then, we require all applicants to complete editing tests before moving forward. To keep the process successful, we ask that applicants who lack appropriate experience refrain from testing until they have gained Chicago proficiency.


Are you an expert at separating fact from fiction? We’re always looking for detail-oriented fact-checkers who can verify details in fiction and nonfiction. Please send us your résumé and a brief cover letter that outlines your experience. Make sure to list any publishers or publications you’ve worked with and books you’ve fact-checked, as well as specialty areas.


A well-made index is a reader’s best friend. If you’re an experienced indexer, please send your résumé, a brief cover letter telling us about your experience, and a book list.

Developmental Editing

GFP began as an editorial firm, and we’re very selective about our partners! Our experienced developmental editors have substantial industry experience, specialization in certain genres, and a thorough yet thoughtful touch focused on the client’s needs. For consideration, please send us a cover letter, résumé, and copies of at least two editorial letters.


Our freelance designers create showstopping covers and fully illustrated interiors, and they even do series branding. If you are interested in design opportunities with Girl Friday, please send us a cover letter, résumé, and portfolio of your work.


Do you work on hard copy or electronic documents?

Here on the West Coast, we’re living like it’s 2018. So we edit electronically, with some rare exceptions. For developmental editing, that means using the Track Changes function in MS Word; for copyediting, it’s the same. For proofreading, we most often use Word, but we also proof PDFs using Acrobat Reader tools. Save that red pencil. It could be valuable someday!

What type of documents do you work on?

GFP works on a range of projects, but we specialize in books. We work with every book genre, from children’s to cookbooks to romance to business to sci-fi to memoir.

I don’t have Chicago experience but I’m a quick learner. Can I apply and see how I do?

Years of experience have taught us that just winging it with the testing doesn’t work, not for you or for us.

Do you have any internal positions available?

GFP is a small firm, but that doesn’t mean job opportunities don’t come up. When they do, will you be on our list? If you’d like us to keep your résumé on file, please email it and a cover letter to

“I have been impressed with [GFP’s] prompt communication and attention to detail. They’re attentive to my inquiries, respond in a timely manner, and are always gracious. And I’ve enjoyed the projects that have been coming my way. Many thanks to you and your team for the work you do!”

—Erin Cusick, Copyeditor