Emily Freidenrich

Pulling double-duty as a production editor and crackerjack image researcher, Emily makes sure every title GFP works on is picture perfect. While she’s perfectly happy managing a good thriller or romance, she has extensive experience in nonfiction, working on deluxe titles including big, gorgeous coffee table books. On the research side, she loves anything that challenges her to find new, unpublished, or never-before-seen content by working with amazing collectors, museums, and archives all over the world. Emily’s handiwork can be seen in titles from Buffy: Demons of the Hellmouth (Titan) to The Civil War in 500 Photographs (Time-Life Inc.) to Above & Beyond: The Official Companion Guide, a recent deluxe title GFP produced for Boeing. Emily can never get enough of the visual arts and spends her free time blogging about art, posting on Instagram, or engaging in calligraphy or photography.