How to Join Us

Applicant profiles must demonstrate your editorial experience (specifically book publishing). The materials must also indicate your experience with Chicago style, as well as your genre interests and your projects / titles worked on. Indication of any coursework in editing or publishing is also helpful.

Step 1: Fill out the form below

Make sure to upload your cover letter and résumé, including a title list (a list of titles you've edited), and indicate all the tests you'd like to take.

Step 2: Someone will get back to them with tests???

Someone will get back to them within xx time period with the tests they've indicated they'd like to take.

Step 3: Complete your tests in the time period allotted and submit.

We should have results back to you within six weeks. Due to the volume of testing, we cannot give specifics on why certain testers do not pass. We do provide feedback for any areas missed for testers who do pass and are welcomed into the pool.

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