Brand Assets & Guidelines

The Logo


  • Whenever possible, use the full-color GFP logo—black wordmark with Book Red mark—on a white background.
  • The logo with white wordmark and Brick Red mark can sit on a Book Red background if necessary.
  • When only one color is available, use GFP Book Red.
  • Allow for a margin the width/height of one "g" on all sides of the logo. 

Black and White

  • Given only black ink (e.g. in the case of a Xerox machine or newspaper), an all-black logo may be used. Avoid this usage and never use grayscale versions of the logo.
  • An all-white logo may be used on an all-black field if absolutely necessary. Avoid this usage.

Prohibited Uses

  • The GFP wordmark should not appear without the logomark. Do not remove Register icon.
  • The GFP logomark should not appear without the wordmark.
  • Do not rearrange logomark and wordmark.
  • Do not use grayscale versions of the GFP logomark. See “Black and White” above.
  • Do not place the GFP logomark on a colored background.
  • Do not place the GFP logomark on a textured or photographic background.


type-2 (1).png

Primary Typeface

  • Sentinel Semibold is used as a header font.
  • Sentinel Book is used as the primary body-copy font for all Girl Friday Productions material, both online and in print.

Secondary Typeface

  • Gotham Rounded Book is used sparingly as a secondary typeface for visual diversity.
  • Gotham Medium (all caps) is used sparingly for smaller subheadings and links.

Company Colors